• Conflict - Turning Rebellion Into Money (LP)
A1. Banned From The UK [3:36]A2. A Piss In The Ocean [1:26]A3. Big A Little A [4:26]A4. Increase The Pressure [1:48]A5. The Serenade Is Dead [2:40]A6. You Said That [1:13]A7. From Protest To Resistance [3:11]A8. To Whom It May Concern [2:45]B1. Big Hands [1:38]B2. So What [2:58]B3. I Aint Thick (Its Just A Trick) [2:54]B4. Gs Song [0:27]B5. Contaminational Power [1:43]B6. Cruise [1:39]B7. Major General Despair [2:30]B8. One Nation Under The Bomb [1:16]C1. Bomb [0:45]C2. Punk Is Dead [1:37]C3. Rival Tribal Revel Rebel [2:43]C4. Statemant [1:57]C5. The Day Before [3:11]C6. This Is The A.L.F. [2:23]C7. Tough Shit Mickey [2:26]C8. Reality Whitewash [2:27]C9. Working Class Rip-Off [3:01]D1. Mighty And Superior [6:10]D2. Do They Owe Us A Living [1:24]D3. How Does It Feel [3:51]D4. This Is Not Enough [1:56]D5. Positive Junk [1:29]D6. The System Maintains [2:28]D7. Berkshire [3:06]
Toimitus Lähetetään 1-2 arkipäivässä
Formaatit LP
EAN 7001257
Tuotanto Mortarhate Records
Tuotantovuosi 1987
Levyjen kunto Erinomainen (NM)
Kannen kunto Erinomainen (NM)

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Conflict - Turning Rebellion Into Money (LP)

  • Tuotekoodi: K1344V
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
  • 24,90€