Stars On 45 - The Very Best Of Stars On 45

Stars On 45 - The Very Best Of Stars On 45

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Stars On 45 (Original Single Version)

1a. Stars On 45 [0:43]
1b. Venus [0:08]
1c. Sugar, Sugar [0:39]
1d. No Reply [0:16]
1e. Ill Be Back [0:26]
1f. Drive My Car [0:32]
1g. Do You Want To Know A Secret [0:26]
1h. We Can Work It Out [0:16]
1i. I Should Have Known Better [0:20]
1j. Nowhere Man [0:08]
1k. Youre Going To Lose That Girl [0:15]
1l. Stars On 45 [0:37]

Stars On 45 (Original 12-Inch Version)

2a. Stars On 45 [1:44]
2b. Boogie Nights [0:11]
2c. Funky Town [0:16]
2d. Video Killed The Radio Stars [0:31]
2e. Venus [0:08]
2f. Sugar, Sugar [0:40]
2g. No Reply [0:16]
2h. Ill Be Back [0:26]
2i. Drive My Car [0:29]
2j. Do You Want To Know A Secret [0:28]
2k. We Can Work It Out [0:16]
2l. I Should Have Known Better [0:19]
2m. Nowhere Man [0:08]
2n. Youre Going To Lose That Girl [0:14]
2o. Sherry [0:34]
2p. Cathys Clown [0:18]
2q. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do [0:16]
2r. Only The Lonely [0:20]
2s. Lady Bump [0:08]
2t. Jimmy Mack [0:17]
2u. Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again [0:19]
2v. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini [0:18]
2w. Starts On 45 [1:11]

More Stars (ABBA Medley) (Original Single Version)

3a. Stars On 45 (2) [0:04]
3b. Voulez-Vous [0:35]
3c. S.O.S. [0:22]
3d. Bang-A-Boomerang [0:17]
3e. Money,Money,Money [0:29]
3f. Knowing Me, Knowing You [0:26]
3g. Fernando [0:21]
3h. The Winner Takes It All [0:49]
3i. Super Trouper [0:15]
3j. Stars On 45 (2) [0:15]

More Stars (U.S.A. Version) (Original 12-Inch Version)

4a. Papa Was A Rolling Stone [1:08]
4b. Dance To The Music [0:23]
4c. Sugar Baby Love [0:16]
4d. Papa Was A Rolling Stone [0:28]
4e. Lets Go To San Francisco [0:06]
4f. A Horse With No Name [0:20]
4g. Monday Monday [0:16]
4h. San Francisco [0:16]
4i. California Dreamin [0:33]
4j. Eve Of Destruction [0:35]
4k. Tears Of A Clown [0:16]
4l. Stop In The Name Of Love [0:16]
4m. Cracklin Rosie [0:16]
4n. Do Wah Diddy-Diddy [0:16]
4o. A Lovers Concerto [0:15]
4p. Reach Out Ill Be There [0:15]
4q. Sound Of Silence [0:31]
4r. Stars On 45 (2) [0:29]

Volume III (Star Wars And Other Hits) (Album Version)

5a. Star Wars (Main Title) [0:16]
5b. Cant Give You Anything But My Love [0:20]
5c. Kung-Fu Fighting [0:16]
5d. Layla [0:16]
5e. All Right Now [0:16]
5f. Fire [0:08]
5g. Da Ya Think Im Sexy [0:16]
5h. Ma Baker [0:27]
5i. Y.M.C.A. [0:12]
5j. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly [0:18]
5k. Dont Stop (Till You Get Enough) [0:16]
5l. Suicide Is Painless (Theme From M.A.S.H.) [0:06]
5m. The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore [0:16]
5n. (Overture From) Tommy [0:21]
5o. Get Off [0:08]
5p. Stars On 45 [0:12]
5q. Baker Street [0:16]
5r. Bette Davis Eyes [0:16]
5s. Eve Of The War [0:46]

Stars On Stevie (Wonder) (Original 12-Inch Version)

6a. Uptight (Everythings Alright) [0:38]
6b. My Cherie Amour [0:29]
6c. Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday [0:06]
6d. Master Blaster [0:34]
6e. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [0:29]
6f. Isnt She Lovely [0:34]
6g. Stars On (Jingle) [0:05]
6h. Sir Duke [0:08]
6i. I Wish [0:19]
6j. I Was Made To Love Her [0:46]
6k. For Once In My Life [0:31]
6l. Superstition [0:28]
6m. Sir Duke [0:26]
6n. Dont You Worry Bout A Thing [0:37]
6o. A Place In The Sun [0:30]
6p. Fingertips [1:07]

The Greatest Rockn Roll Band In The World

7a. The Stars Will Never Stop [0:39]
7b. Sympathy For The Devil [0:20]
7c. Brown Sugar [0:15]
7d. Jumpin Jack Flash [0:36]
7e. Under My Thumb [0:39]
7f. Honky Tonk Woman [0:16]
7g. Out Of Time [0:29]
7h. Emotional Rescue [0:24]
7i. Shes A Rainbow [0:33]
7j. Start Me Up [0:31]
7k. Angie [0:32]

The Beatles (Part 2) (Original Album Track)

8a. Stars On 45 [0:43]
8b. Ticket To Ride [0:33]
8c. The Word [0:24]
8d. Eleanor Rigby [0:17]
8e. Every Litte Thing [0:40]
8f. And Your Bird Can Sing [0:48]
8g. Get Back [0:33]
8h. Eight Days A Week [0:31]
8i. It Wont Be Long [0:13]
8j. Daytripper [0:47]
8k. Wait [0:35]
8l. Stars On 45 [0:22]

The Beatles (George Harrison) (Original Album Track)

9a. Good Day Sunshine [0:12]
9b. My Sweet Lord [0:31]
9c. Here Comes The Sun [0:29]
9d. While My Guitar Gently Weeps [0:32]
9e. Taxman [0:27]
9f. A Hard Days Night [0:25]
9g. Things We Said Today [0:35]
9h. If I Fell [0:30]
9i. You Cant Do That [0:28]
9j. Please Please Me [0:40]
9k. From Me To You [0:15]
9l. I Want To Hold Your Hand [0:38]
9m. Stars On 45 [1:03]

The Supremes (Original Album Track)

10a. Stars On 45 [1:02]
10b. Stop In The Name Of Love [0:54]
10c. Love Child [0:10]
10d. Reflections [0:15]
10e. Someday Well Be Together [0:42]
10f. Stars On 45 [0:20]
10g. Baby Love [0:21]
10h. Love Is Here And Now Youre Gone [0:15]
10i. Where Did Our Love Go [0:30]
10j. I Hear A Symphony [0:30]
10k. You Keep Me Hanging On [0:31]
10l. Aint No Mountain High Enough [1:11]

Proudly Presents The Star Sisters (Original Single Version)

11a. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy [0:37]
11b. South American Way [0:22]
11c. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön [0:41]
11d. In The Mood [0:51]
11e. Rum And Coca Cola [0:30]
11f. Tico Tico [0:22]
11g. Say Si Si (Para Vigo Me Voy) [0:37]

Hooray For Hollywood (Original Single Version)

12a. Hooray For Hollywood [1:17]
12b. Halleluja [1:14]
12c. Theres No Business Like Showbusiness [0:40]

A Tribute To Marilyn Monroe (Original Single Version)

13a. My Heart Belongs To Daddy [1:37]
13b. I Wanna Be Loved By You [1:08]
13c. Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend [1:35]
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